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Where Art, Craft and Design meet.


Songs Of Summer -Limited Edition is a mix of playful and experiential garden and home decor products , where art, craft, and design meet.

Inspired by everything under the sun , each piece is individually handcrafted with keen attention to detail and finish. We are currently retailing through The Purple Pony Store.


With a strong belief in 'Spaces have the power to shape people ',

Our brief based wall installation projects, both commercial and residential, follow a design process that work with the brands and home owners to create pieces of art that make the spaces come alive.

Merging our aesthetics and understanding of spaces with what our clients want and need. 


At SOS we design and develop samples and produce collections for brands who are looking at creating small batches in ceramics to add to their existing line of products or as seasonal features.

We only work on briefs based on moods/concepts.

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